‘Unsolved Mysteries’ viewers can solve crimes in season 2


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What better way to start the Halloween month with a great mystery series. If you were given a chance to solve a mystery with the provided clues, would you do it? “Unsolved Mysteries” is back on Netflix, with season 2 being a top 10 for the past two weeks.

The eerie, suspenseful and haunting opening of “Unsolved Mysteries” is an unforgettable show one does not forget. The series has existed since 1987 to urge viewers to get involved in helping solve real unsolved crimes. To this day, many have remained a mystery and remain unsolved.

Unlike the regular news broadcasts of its day, “Unsolved Mysteries,” viewers become part of tragic stories with the open options to call in with tips and lead many of the cases to be solved with everyday people. This crime phenomenon series has turned regular citizens into their own detectives, and this year has gained a wider audience.

Creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer, with executive producers from Netflix, rebooted the series to meet in today’s times. The series is completely different from the ’80s since there is no host interviewing people like in the past.

Actors re-enact the scenes of what could have happened or does happen. This gives the audience a better chance of understanding the story and maybe even solving the crime.

Each episode lasts around 50 minutes and focuses on a single mystery instead of several. The production now is more cinematic. The episodes are documentaries interviewing real people who tell their story to the audience so each episode has a greater impact on the mystery.

Longtime fans were not disappointed when season 1 first came out on July 1 of 2020. In fact, it was a hit. The episodes are intriguing and compelling, leaving the viewer on the edge of their seat.

You become part of the people’s story, and it feels as though each episode is talking directly to you. The show gives clues as the interviewer foretells their experiences, and your mind never stops thinking while watching each story unfold.

What’s more startling and shocking is how at the ending of an episode, the contact information such as if you have any leads, seen the missing person, or connected the dots on the unsolved cases is given. This makes the series more haunting because real-life people go through these horrid, unexplainable situations and all they want is answers.

Released on Oct. 19, 2020, season 2 delivers the same energy and spirit. The first six episodes include examinations of a murderer who escapes and has never been caught, tsunami spirits regarding the tragic 2011 Japan earthquake, missing mother, children missing and kidnaped, mysterious death in a hotel, etc.

Each story is different, addicting to keep watching, and you want to know the truth as much as the people being documented.

What’s to suspect in season 2 that is different than season 1? Season 2 of “Unsolved Mysteries” will branch out even further from the six episodes released. It is twelve episodes for season 2, but they launched the first six episodes, and the other six will come out later this year.

Palm Springs resident Jose Esparza is a fan of Unsolved Mysteries. He said, “I enjoy this series because I love murder mysteries, and I enjoy trying to solve the story as it goes. Season 1 was good, and season 2 is even better. You are your own detective.”

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, the production team is tracking down cases in Brazil. Co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer told The New York Post, “Netflix is the perfect place—we can produce international stories and can also reach out to a worldwide audience to try and solve mysteries in different countries.”

Season 2 of “Unsolved Mysteries” not only shows us these real-life tragic events for us to try to solve them but to bring awareness to our audiences.

There are thousands of unsolved cases waiting to come to light yet challenging to start solving. Some cases remain unsolved for many years to later finally being solved. Some cases never get solved most times, and families never have true closure on what happened.

“Unsolved Mysteries” seasons 1 and 2 show the reality of the human darkness that lives in our world. What makes this series scary is because it’s real stories and real people. We explore the malice side of human capacity and how many people in our society have gone through difficult experiences.

Many of them are shocking, unexplainable and you only wish the people going through such harsh times to have some closure and hope for truth.

Season 2 delivers pensive unexplained disappearances, tragic events and bizarre occurrences. The audience has the chance to be the key to these mysteries by solving them. Listening to the family members in the documented interviews helps offer intriguing theories of what if?

A fun fact for those who have not seen the series, people have helped solve cases in the past just by watching this series. According to The New York Times and Women’s Health Magazine, 260 cases from the original Unsolved Mysteries were cracked, and Netflix now offers an even broader reach.

Since the hit in season 1 came out in the summer, Women’s Health Magazine mentioned how twenty credible leads were passed off to law enforcement agencies one day after the recent series premiered. With season 2 available on Netflix, what other new leads will be brought to the surface, thus helping the justice department and families.

Have any leads or tips? You can go to “Unsolved Mysteries” for more information. You might be the next person to help solve a mystery.