The Mandalorian season 2 is expanding the Star Wars universe


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Estefania Moreira, Editor-In-Chief

Heavy Spoilers Ahead for Star Wars fans 

Since the first Star Wars movie A New Hope, the film was an instant cinematic hit in 1977. The infamous and extraordinary Star Wars universe is a beloved franchise that has expanded massively throughout generations.

If you were to think about it, many people grew up with Star Wars and a few people are not huge fans like others, yet Star Wars is a name you grew up knowing about. The Star Wars universe has captivated many audiences in different age groups and its eternal popularity continues to ameliorate and thrive with its hit series “The Mandalorian” season 2.

“The Mandalorian” season 1 came out in 2019 in DisneyPlus and its complete eight episodes left many fans awed and excited for the next season to be released. Season 2 aired on Oct. 30, 2020, with its first episode called “The Marshal'”where the audiences enter a space-sci-fi -a western story rather than the common lightsaber and galactic warfare theme.

Overall, seasons 1 and 2 of “The Mandalorian” definitely reminiscent of a John Wayne film. According to, “with complete indigenous Tusken Raiders taking the place of Native Americans. The series succeeded this genre by showing the people of Los Pelgo working together with the Native people, despite their tensions, which wasn’t seen in classic Westerns.” The show also has an Indiana Jones type of feel when watching the adventures unfold as we see Din Djarin, “The Mandalorian,” protect The Child at all costs.

The series is changing the way people look at Star Wars from the past. Star Wars isn’t just about space, Jedi, Sith, wars, and different planets. Rather, we are exploring different types of characters in different timelines, learning their stories, and learning how everything makes more sense, leading to past films.

Star Wars may be referred to as a space opera, but “The Mandalorian” is a space western. The audience is exploring an epic story of our hero Din Djarin, “The Mandalorian,” constantly filling the role of the mysterious masked stranger rolling into different towns, helping out those along the way with his trusty sidekick and who he is protecting with his life, The Child, referred as Baby Yoda(not Yoda) to Star Wars fans.

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The series is not the typical story of good vs. evil like the other canon Star Wars animated series such as Rebels and The Clone Wars that are part of the whole universe. Instead, we are watching a series where we really cannot predict where it will lead to and try to capture how things truly make sense to the overall films and series.

This type of new format allows for a unique adventure every Friday to air on DisneyPlus. Thus it grants co-creators Jon Favreau and David Filono the ability to use Mando and Baby Yoda as a constant in a show that isn’t only changing settings every week but changing genres.

Episode 2, called “The Passenger,” led our characters Din Djarin(Mando) and Baby Yoda to help a space Frog Lady go to a new planet where she can save the last of her species. Mando became a space taxi driver trying to help her on her quest.

There is a lot of mixed genres in this popular space western. Every episode is giving us a pop culture reference feel but also its own unique story. A great example is when in episode 3, called ‘The Heiress,’ our characters went from space driving and doing a good deed to fighting off space pirates.

In episode 3, Din Djarin meets Bo-Katan Kryze on an intense action-pack mission to overtake an Empire remnant ship in exchange for information on Ahsoka Tano, one of the remaining Jedi’s that survived Order 66 since the extinction of the entire Jedi religion. Ahsoka Tano is an important character in the series and someone we are waiting for to appear.

“The Mandalorian” timeline takes place after episode 6 and before episode 7 in the Star Wars universe. From the films “Return of the Jedi” ep 6 and”The Force Awakens” ep 7, we have The “Mandalorian” occurring simultaneously.

On Nov 20, episode 4 was released and many important things occurred, referencing details only a knowledgable Star Wars fan would catch immediately. In this episode called “The Siege,” our character’s new mission is an Imperial base on the far side of Nevarro where Moff Gideon(antagonist) is carrying out some strange and unusual experiment.

What is Moff Gideon plotting? To quote Dominic Monaghan: “Dark science. Cloning. Secrets only the Sith knew.” This episode revealed it was not just a military base. Still, a secret laboratory focuses on creating clones with midi-chlorians, tiny living organisms, cells, which live inside everything and fuel people’s force power.

There is a lot of controversy with the term midi-chlorians, as true Star Wars fans would agree it was unnecessary to make this word canon, but it was the way George Lucas wanted to explain the force.

Does this mean Moff Gideon was experimenting with midi-chlorians and clones in the process of creating some Force-sensitive clones?

This actually would make sense of knowing the origins of Snoke from “The Rise of Skywalker” and how he was created. Yet, it could mean many different things.

The most obvious answer is how episode 4 ended with Moff Gideon making Darth Vader look-alike soldiers who can control the Dark Trooper armor, but let’s not dismiss how this episode did connect the possibility of how Snoke was created.

Star Wars fans know Snoke was a failed Palpatine clone, so for this assumption and theory to work, Gideon needs to be experimenting with Palpatine clones, which could be possible, but we are not one hundred percent sure. But let’s assume it does line up because there were many clues in episode 4 revealed, its possible these Imperial holdouts are trying to use Palpatine clones to create an army of supersoldiers.

And if this is the case, then injecting Baby Yoda’s midi-chlorians into these clones could be the mistake that created Snoke in the first place. Furthermore, fans are not sure where all these amazing clues will come together, but everything starts to make more sense.

Star Wars fans who are watching The Mandalorian season 2 are waiting for Ahsoka Tano to appear this season and, better yet, Jedi Ezra Bridger, who has been rumored for a possible appearance. This what has full-hearted Star Wars fans on the edge of their seats.

The Mandalorian entire seasons 1-2 have been foretelling the missing pieces of the universe story perfectly well for fans to understand and grasp the Star Wars universe on a full plate. The Mandalorian season 2 will continue to air for DisneyPlus subscribers every Friday.

The Mandalorian has indeed expanded the popular franchise in ways it has never done before, and true fans cannot wait for how this season will unfold and what will be revealed.

Where is Luke Skywalker?

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He is technically alive during this timeline and the one of the most powerful remaining Jedi in the Star Wars universe. After Order 66 and as The Revenge of the Sith film portrayed, Luke and Leia were to be separated from birth and for their identities to be protected from Darth Vader and Palpatine.

Will Luke be revealed in the series? Or will his name be brought to the surface? Will we learn Baby Yoda’s real name this season and know more depth where he came to be?

Either way, the possibilities for all those questions are so close, Star Wars fans cannot wait for how this season will put everything together in perfect harmony.