Palm Desert’s Flat Back Art Supply knows creativity


Brianna Jaime

Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. Pete Salcido, Owner and Curator of Flat Black

Flat Black Art Supply resides at The Shops at Palm Desert, formerly known as the Westfield Palm Desert Mall. This is not your typical art shop, but a gallery and a creative space.

Pete Salcido, the owner of Flat Black, created the galería to honor Coachella Valley’s local artists. The shop gives artists the chance to display their work, free of limitations, curating hundreds of exhibits.

Small businesses are also able to present their products.

Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. Nick Chavez, BMX Rider and DJ.

Over the years Salcido has worked with Westfield Palm Desert to organize the annual event, “Street,” leading the move to the mall in 2019. Salcido expresses his gratitude for the shop and the role it plays in the local community alongside other small businesses paving the way in the art scene,

“It leads me to believe there’s actually a want and a need for this,” Salcido said.

Customers can also participate in workshops provided by Flat Black, ranging from breakdancing to screen printing classes with the assistance of CV Care. The youth can sign up for these workshops as well. Salcido emphasizes the importance of younger kids following their true interests; to inspire them now.

Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. Current Exhibition at Flat Black.

Flat Black is a multi-use space catering to artists and locals. Salcido is glad the shop offers opportunities for people to pursue their dreams, allowing possibility.

You can visit Flat Black to shop, hang out and even just admire the current exhibition by photographer Chad Van Horn.

For more information about Flat Black’s current events, workshops and upcoming projects, visit