Double Domestic Homicide in La Quinta


By Kerry Toribio

Student Contributor

On Sunday, Oct. 19 shortly after 3:00 a.m., La Quinta police officers responded to a reported traffic collision on Washington Street. Upon arrival, the officers located a suspicious vehicle parked near the scene that was unrelated to the traffic collision. The driver found behind the wheel was a woman who was found hurt and unresponsive. The woman had last been seen at a family meeting at a home in the 51-500 block of Avenida Carranza in La Quinta. Riverside County Sheriffs said what lead them to the home was the suspicious car near Washington Street where investigators discovered two men dead.

On Tuesday, Oct. 21 Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Manning said, “The woman found behind the wheel is the sister of the two decedents.”

The Riverside County Coroner’s Office, Wednesday evening, identified the two men found dead were brothers. Robert Bertrand, 55, of La Quinta and Rick Bertrand, 61, of Cathedral City, are believed to have been injured at about 9:22 p.m. Oct. 18, the office said. Authorities have not released how the two men were killed.  The La Quinta house where the men were found was owned by Robert Bertrand, according to public records. Neighbors said they rarely saw the homeowner and he usually only came out to walk his dog, trim his tree or work on his white van in the driveway. He lived at the home for more than 10 years with his mother who recently died at about the age of 90. Authorities said there are no outstanding suspects in the case.

KMIR News Reporter, Kitty Alvarado says, “Neighbors who knew that family in that home, where tragedy struck say that they had been dealing with a lot of emotions lately, especially since the mother’s death.”

According to Sheriff Deputy Albert Martinez says, “The woman was described critical but stable. Her name has yet to be released.” The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the scene of what they’re calling a “domestic homicide.”

La Quinta police officers respond to a reported traffic collison on Washington Street.
La Quinta police officers respond to a reported traffic collison on Washington Street.

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