“The Worst Best Friend”

By Sasha Fleischner

Student Contributor

Does your best friend pose a threat to you? Distracting you while driving causing you to have an accident, wasting your time when hanging out by doing absolutely nothing, or annoying other people around you due to the fact that you only seem to have eyes and ears for your best friend? If you answered with no, think again. We all have this one best friend – our smart phone.

The technology of cell phones in today’s world is advancing and so are the adverse effects. Downloading apps and allowing ones device to function limitless, tempts the user to overuse and depend on their device too much, causing an attachment between phone and user. Depending on how strong this attachment is, the user can fall victim to an addiction to their smart phone. Attachment and addiction, however, are not the only adverse effects a cell phone can have on people. According to The Huffington Post, cell phones harm your health in multiple ways. One of the possible negative effects is the ‘phantom vibration syndrome,’ also known as ‘phantom vibes.’ As the name clearly states, vibes are being felt by the cell phone user that in reality do not exist. This can occur when a person is used to carrying their phone device close to their body. They have the feeling of their device vibrating due to incoming notifications, such as a text message or a phone call. When checking their device, however, there are no notifications to be found.

Another example of danger cell phones can pose, lies in their direct correlation with road accidents. As stated earlier, people pose a threat of becoming addicted to their cell phones. By being strongly addicted, a compulsive checking behavior can be developed. This checking behavior does not have any exceptions; not even when driving. USA Today stated that out of every four car accidents, one is caused by the use of a cell phone while driving. An interesting fact here is that the majority of accidents are not caused while texting while driving, but by being distracted while talking on the phone. The Huffington Post also lists other negativities, such as: the degradation of sleep quality, neck pain due to the constant bowing of the neck by excessive texting, unhealthy levels of radiation, and soreness and cramping of fingers.

Since a phone will accompany its owner everywhere they go, it automatically becomes more susceptible to the collection of bacteria. Dr. Cain of the American Academy of Family Physicians stated in the Wall Street Journal that “people are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from handles of the bathroom.” Few people are aware of this fact, and are under the impression that because they are ‘clean’ so is their phone. The important thing here is to remember that just because you can’t see the germs doesn’t mean they are not present.

All in all, every person is able to decide how much influence they are willing to let their cell phone have in their life. How much of a negative impact are you willing to allow your phone to have on your life?


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