Rancho Mirage Library presents Marilyn Monroe show


The Chaparral

Actors Adam Meyers and Alison Janes preforming for valley locals on March 5, 2020.

Estefania Moreira, Local Editor

On March 5, the Marilyn Madness and Me show in the Rancho Mirage library was a full house show.

Staring Alison Janes as Marilyn Monroe and Adam Meyers as Tim, Marilyn’s limo driver and rumored lover. Both actors delivered a fantastic performances about the rumored secret diary of Marilyn Monroe and her life experiences.

The show benefited charities like Safehouse of The Desert and The Rancho Mirage Library. 

The show has been successful for the past eight years and kept their original actors. Retired television writer Frank V. Furino said, “Everything in the play is based on facts and drama about Monroe’s life. Still a massive icon to this day.” Frank has worked for ABC News as a director in control media, also ran Dick Clark company radio station, and has written for television series such as Dynasty, Dallas, General Hospital, and Falcon Crest.

Furino wrote the play and Joe Leonardo directed the show.

Mariyln, Madness and Me has been around since 2013 and to this day, it still on demand with have to see performance. The first show was performed at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood.

The play is in two acts and its based on the rumor that Marilyn Monroe had a secret diary where it reveals all of her deep thoughts, emotions, her fears, and secret affairs the young actress had when she was alive.

This show gives the audience members a chance to feel connected and be behind the mask of Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jean. 

Janes, who stars as Marilyn, captured Hollywood’s silver screen queen sensual mannerism, charm, and voice, while actor Meyers who stars as Tim, was humorous, heartfelt, and delivered a strong performance that captivated the audience.

The story is told from Tim’s perspective with a lot of flashbacks as he reads Mariyln’s diary. Beginning just a few months before her death and continuing for six years after her tragic death, the poignant tale of unrequited love is confirmed by excerpts from Marilyn’s diary.

“This is a show where people will understand Marilyn Monroe but most important, Norma Jean,” said Furino.

Brings a creative and unique touch to the script about America’s most iconic actress whose life was a combination of fact and fantasy, Furino has the audience experienced a nostalgia story of a movie start and historic events of the 1960’s.

The show talks about John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy assassinations, how Marilyn Monroe was involved in a dangerous situation before she died and her mental state. The audience learns that Monroe was a sensitive person who wanted nothing more than to find happiness.

Actress Janes captivated this when she would speak in Monroe’s perspective on why she cannot find someone who truly loves her.

The show was humorous with heartfelt moments where audiences would laugh and be one with the show. The crowd targeted an older audience who grew up with Marilyn Monroe. Audience attendee Cindy Werpelle said, “Ive always been a fan of Marilyn Monroe, everything Marilyn Monroe. This is about her diary and it’s fascinating to see and hear.”

Janes said, “We have performed these characters since 2013 and Adam and I feel much more relaxed. You understand them more.”  And Meyers added, “This is not our generation, its more of the Baby Bloomers generation so there is a deep connection for them in this show. We are starting to realize over time, the plot points in this show is important for them.”

Marilyn, Madness and Me will continue to be performed in California and benefit charities like Safehouse of The Desert and many more. With extordinare acting performances, a well and poetic script, and two love, tragic characters, this show will captivate older generations and new generations.