Writers in the midst



It’s incredible how many students have different talents at COD but are hardly noticed. Such is the case for author Eliasar “EJ” Astorga. Eliasar, or EJ, as he is known in his writing and is in his fourth semester at COD. He has already managed to get a book published over the course of a year.

EJ, as a child, was uninterested in reading or writing. It wasn’t until he was in elementary school that his interests changed, thanks to one of his teachers, Mr. Clifford. Through simply having asked his students to read a story, it caught EJ’s attention, leading to EJ developing a passion for writing.

EJ said that one of his inspirations in writing is imagining the excitement of his reader’s faces, waiting to see what happens next in his stories. He has written a short story which was published in a book by a COD English Professor Dr. White-Elliott. She put his first story titled “The New Old World” into the published book “The Mosaic III”. From there, he went on to write his first full book called “After the Dust Settles” and with the help of Dr. White-Elliot, he was able to get it published.

EJ has even made the effort to become a public speaker, helping other students find a love for writing the same way he did in his time at school. His first presentation was at Sea View Elementary, where he was able to talk to around 200 students about how writing can become a career. When asked about this, EJ said, “The purpose of the presentation was to selfishly get my name known, but when I saw the faces of all those students and their reactions to what I was saying, I fell in love with knowing that my words could inspire someone to take writing as a future career, and that made me want to continue speaking to students and to continue writing more.” Since then, EJ has been invited to other schools, and has gotten to speak further about his work and his inspirations.

EJ’s book can be purchased at Barnes & Noble and Amazon’s websites. Being a student at COD has been great for EJ. His education has allowed him to accomplish his dream as a writer, and is proud to be one of the many talented students at our college.

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