COD’s own signs with Texas A&M University

Photo by Robert Graves

Sophomore right-handed pitcher (RHP) Riley Owen signed his letter of intent to play for Texas A&M University Texarkana (TAMUT).

Standing at 6’7″ and weighing 200 pounds from Tumwater, WA. Owen looks to take his talents to the South into the Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC), where he will be playing for the TAMUT Eagles.

Next season, Owen is going to be on a squad that finished the year at a record of 32-24 overall and 17-9 in their conference, which is 2nd in the RRAC. The Eagles also qualified for the RRAC tournament.

Owen said he chose TAMUT because he wanted to further his education and athletic abilities, “I want to experience another level of playing at a higher level of competition.”

Whether as priority or a contingency plan, Owen is working on his business major. TAMUT offers an abundance of specific business majors and minors.

Owen spent most of his life through high school in Washington state and then began his collegiate baseball career in Southern California at COD.

Texas is unfamiliar territory to Owen, but he is excited about the opportunity to live somewhere new. “It’s gonna be a big culture shock. A different change from Southern California and Washington where I grew up, but I think I’m gonna enjoy it.”

Competing at a higher level means fixing what’s broken to better one’s self. Owen hopes to improve his game, “Staying fluid, not tensing up and getting into a rush. Just staying relaxed on the mound.”

Owen with a rather large pitching repertoire, consists of a 4-seam fastball, 2-seam fastball, change up, slider and curveball. Owen says his favorite pitch to throw is between his change up and fastball.  His most difficult pitch to throw, he says, is between his slider and curveball.

Just like most athletes, Owen has gone through adversity in his brief baseball career. “The adversity I’ve faced hasn’t been injuries. I’ve been pretty reluctant, I haven’t been hurt but I would have to say, just getting offers of walk-on at divisional colleges and not getting the money because I wasn’t either big enough [weight] or didn’t have enough mph’s [velocity] on my pitch to get there.”

Owen will be heading back home to Washington state this summer before starting a new chapter at TAMUT where he will try to prove himself to the Eagles.

Owen at COD pitched a career 52 innings, along with 24 appearances and three games started.

Lastly, at the age of 10 Owen threw a no-hitter in seven innings, carrying his team to a 1-0 shutout victory.

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