Letter from the Editor

This semester, The Chaparral had three returnees and 12 new staff members. Although I was hesitant to take on the responsibility of being Editor-in-Chief, I could not be more pleased with how far the newspaper has come.

I would like to thank Anissa Grout and Salvador Rivera for sacrificing their Thursday and Friday nights every production week, they both helped me tremendously. I would also like to acknowledge the staff writers who are the foundation for The Chaparral’s content and thank you to Laurilie Jackson for taking on the challenge of managing multiple classes and being our faculty advisor. Some issues were more challenging than others; however, the newspaper staff managed to push through for our readers.

Last year, I envisioned more people being visually attracted to our newsstands. On May 23, 2017 that vision will come true when COD art students will paint a few of the old stands during an on-campus art exhibition event. The rest of the red Chaparral stands are scheduled to be painted the beginning of the fall semester.

After being part of the The Chaparral for over a year, I will be moving on from COD and attending a 4-year university in the fall. I will be continuing my journalism journey. I hope The Chaparral newspaper continues to grow. The newspaper has been a work in progress, but I thank the readers and close observers who have given us feedback.

Best of luck to all,

Chelsea Hernandez

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