Women’s basketball player to attend La Sierra University



Women’s Basketball player Sara Edwards, photo by Robert Graves

Say hello to Sara Edwards, a member of the College of the Desert women’s basketball team. The Psychology major is getting ready for graduation and is going to be moving on to La Sierra University this fall to continue her Psychology degree along with her basketball career.

Edwards is local and grew up in the high desert town of Yucca Valley. She and her family moved down to the Desert after her father was in an accident. She attended Palm Desert High School her sophomore year through her senior year and then found herself pursuing a higher education at COD.

“I played basketball all three of those years in high school. I transferred to COD because I love the sport and I’ve really enjoyed it,” said Edwards.

Edwards has been playing basketball since she was a young girl. “I started in Yucca Valley and it was more of a hobby. I played other sports but basketball was always my favorite growing up,” said Edwards.

Edwards stated that she doesn’t find much inspiration from professional players on the court, but mostly from her father, who is a paraplegic after the accident he endured. “He just keeps going. Nothing stops him and he’s definitely my biggest inspiration for doing everything I do on and off the court. Whether it’s school or basketball it’s driven through him,” Edwards explained.

She began her basketball career here at COD right after her senior year at Palm Desert. She looked back fondly at those times when asked of her favorite memory at COD. “Those were great years. Great people, great memories, a lot of fun bus rides and karaoke,” she said. “This year was great too, the girls were great. They’re all individually great people and I love them all like sisters.”

Edwards has also enjoyed her time in the classroom, “School has been interesting. I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve loved it. I’m glad I took the junior college route. I feel like it eases you into the college level atmosphere.” said Edwards.

Like many other COD students, she will be graduating in a couple of weeks, and is extremely excited about graduation and moving on to the next challenge. “Oh man I’m so excited! Graduation for me is definitely a rite of passage. Kind of like I’m closing this chapter and moving on to the next one. I’m very excited to walk and participate,” she brightly explained.

Edwards will be attending La Sierra University in Riverside this fall where she will continue her basketball career and get her Psychology degree in forensics. “I want to be a forensics psychologist. I’m just taking it one day at a time. Tomorrow’s not promised so I’m enjoying every minuet of it.”

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