Club Rush fall 2017

David Babao

Campus Editor

Club Rush Fall 2017 photo taken by Myron Penwell

On Sept. 26 and 27 COD hosted its bi-annual club rush. Club Rush is every semester from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the end of the first month.

Alex Locklear who is a member of the student government said, “Students join clubs on campus so they find what in their interest and to make a community for people who are passionate for their desires. He also said, “students join clubs because they want to be part of a community that is based on their pride and so they can be happy with enjoying their college years.”

According to organizers, joining clubs will help students enjoy college instead of just doing assignments, studying lessons and preparing for midterms and exams. Jorge Rivera who is president of the Active Minds on campus believes, “students join clubs to build friendships, communities, safe spaces and to find a place were their desire and passion belongs. People also join clubs to help others and to be part of something they enjoy doing.”

According to club supervisors, “clubs are available for all students because we people to find something to join and some activity they like to do and they joining clubs will be good for you’re resume. Clubs could also help you learn news things to help the world to become a better place.

If students feel alone or they’re not making friends club members believe that joining a club will be a place to make friendships and be part of a community where they do activities they enjoy. There’s more amazing things to do for fun for college years besides studying with friends. That’s joining a club and making new friends in communities Whether it’s dancing, robotic, playing video games, or art, joining a club would be the best opportunity to join to enjoy the rest of you’re college years.


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