COD celebrates international education week

By Sabrina Messaoudi

Staff writer

College of the Desert counts approximately 150 international students from 35 different countries. Of course they cannot be left without any recognition, which is why COD hosted another International Education Week (IEW).

The International Education week is an official week that is celebrated by not only COD, but also different colleges and universities throughout the country. This year, COD’s international office took it in their own hands to plan out a week full of activities.

The week started on Monday, Nov. 13 where students got the opportunity to learn about the fieldwork adventures of Early Childhood Education students in Costa Rica last summer, as well as about opportunities to follow in their footsteps.

On Tuesday Nov. 14, COD organized a so-called Situation Room, where students joined several staff and faculty members to discuss the North Korea dilemma.

Since COD is all about transferring, several universities were invited to our campus on the third day of IEW. However, local students were also welcome to check out the university booths and get the opportunity to talk to its representatives. The university fair was followed by a university transfer application workshop in the Multipurpose room.

The international education week closed off with global trivia competition, followed up with an international club social gathering. The gathering was an evening full of food and drinks and a lot of music and performances from different cultures.

During the social gathering, the Chaparral got to speak with Cody McCabe, director of the international education office. He says that this has been the biggest year that we have had in terms of activities and the diversity of events. “We included study abroad, so helping COD students realize the opportunity to become international students themselves. We try to have an academic focus too and a transfer focus, because that is what COD is about for a lot of students. Of course we wanted to have an event like this that allows the international club to take responsibility and take charge and obviously they did a really good job.” He also argues that being an international student is highly important. “I really wish we could see more COD students out in the world; Roadrunners abroad. Anyone who does, has their life changed by it. You learn more about yourself, you learn more about the world and you are more focused academically. Statistics show that students who study abroad perform better when they return, it is great for their resumes and it stays with them for the rest of their lives.” He also mentioned that he could not imagine COD without international students. “They are my world, that is how I know COD. One of the other things to notice is that we are about  50/50 at this event; international students and local students and it is clear that local students benefit from international students being here, just as much as the international students benefit from being here too,” thus McCabe.

Photo courtesy of Student Life



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