Transferring phone data with ease

Example of NFC sharing

By Oscar Navarrele

Tech Editor

Its holiday season, and that could mean you might be getting a new phone in your pocket. Is the the hassle of transferring your data putting you down? No need to worry, as today modern smartphones are quite easy to transfer over information.

Are you transferring from android to android? Android is heavily based around Google services which makes transfer much easier.

The easiest way to transfer your data is through near field communication (NFC). This feature is called Tap & Go. Just select Tap & Go and tap your two phones together. The phones should recognize each other, and they should begin transferring data with each other. It’s a quick and easy process that requires little input from the user. If your phones do not have NFC, simply make sure “Backup my data” is enabled on your old phone. Once you log into your new phone, select that data backup and begin transferring the apps you want from your old phone. If you want to transfer your photos, make sure Google Photos is enabled. Once you get your new phone, set up Google Photos and you should have access to all your photos.

Transferring from iPhone to iPhone is different since it uses a different operating system. However Apple makes it very simple.

On your old device, connect the iPhone to the WiFi and make sure that iCloud backup is turned on. Once you are on your new device, connect it to the WiFi, and once the Apps and Data screen appears, tap restore from iCloud backup. Sign into iCloud and choose the correct backup. Make sure your new device stays connected to the WiFi to complete the transfer.

Transferring is quick and simple, helping you spend less time working on your phone and more time enjoying it.

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