Ho..ho..hold up! Holiday gift ideas on a Budget



The holidays are upon us, whether you are prepared for them or not, and this year’s selection of hot holiday items are sure to break your bank account. Christmas is a time for giving, not necessarily receiving (but its nice when you do), but what if you are already spending thousands of dollars on tuition? As a college student, it’s a constant struggle when the holidays come around for you always have someone you want to get something special for. “You’re in college, you shouldn’t get Christmas gifts for the family.” will be a thing of the past. Stores are charging ridiculous prices for gift baskets and other items that you can just create yourself with a little bit of love, motivation and creativity.

Gift Baskets: 

One of the easiest and quickest gifts you could get someone. Whether its a wine and cheese basket or a bathroom gift basket, you want more bang for your buck and mainstream stores are just not going to cut it. Sure you could just take the easy and way more expensive out for gift giving this year and just spend about $37 on a gift basket at Bath and Body Works that contains:  (1) Body Spray, (2) Body lotion, and (1) body wash. But why spend that when you can give your bestie or family member way more variety for way less.

A gift basket priced at $37 at Bath and Body Works


Gift basket that comes with more variety priced at $10 from the dollar store.











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Make your own: 

If you are like me, you love whoever you are giving the gift too but unfortunately your bank account can’t show it: the dollar store is your best friend. Find your nearest one and raid the bath/toiletries section. You can find pretty nice stuff for a dollar or less giving you more money to spend for classes for next semester and food for the next two months of break. Perfect!

 Creative Kits:

Doesn’t have to be a fancy gift basket, heck you can make anything you want for that special someone. Another great and fun idea, especially for someone with kids would be a Homemade Fort Kit! Nothing is more fun than spending time with your friends and family building a fun fort in the house. This fort kit comes with all the tools to make the imaginary castle of your dreams. They don’t even sell Fort kits at any store I know of, so this is original and fun!


Now although this might not be the most original Christmas gift idea out there, it can certainly be made into one with a little tender love and care. A personalized mug is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, especially when that someone sees you’ve put in the time and effort. All you have to do is pick up a mug in any color of your choice along with a sharpie (for longer lasting results- use oil based sharpies), and get to drawing! After you are satisfied with your creation,  let the mug dry over night and bake it in the morning! Easy as pie!

These gift ideas are quick and easy and are sure to make a great gift for that special someone this holiday season, but be sure to not just limit yourself to these creative ideas. There are tons of DIY gift ideas all over the web (Pinterest is your best friend) along with step by step instructions and even videos on how to make them! Even if you can’t afford to get anything store bought, your homemade gift will be the one that keeps on giving!

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