Students share opinions on Andrew Tate

What students think of ‘The Top G’


Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. Students on the Palm Desert campus discuss their feelings about Andrew Tate.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you’ve probably seen this man on your “For You Page” on TikTok or any social media platform saying something extremely controversial or misogynistic.

Andrew Tate is a 35-year-old former kickboxer champion who’s recently blown up for his prejudiced opinions on subjects like how women can’t drive, how women are ‘property’ to their men, and countless more outlandish viewpoints.

Over the past months, he’s accumulated a massive audience of young men as young as 13 years old who idolizes him and follow his teachings by subscribing to his online class, Hustler’s University, so they can find somewhat strategic ways to make money. One example of this is by using an affiliate link and encouraging people to subscribe to the program by using their link, prompting a cut from every new member that used it. Some people would even make edits of the bizarre words ‘The Top G’ has said to promote their affiliate link and the program itself.

Many people over the past couple of months have questioned the whole existence of Hustler’s University, such as one famous Twitch streamer, HasanAbi, who questioned Tate about his courses while he was on a podcast with two other huge streamers, Adin Ross and XQC. Upon the streamers questioning the legitimacy of the course, Tate was told to join and see for himself. Recently, Tate was banned from a lot of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, because of the way he has violated their terms of service.

As I walked around campus, determined for student feedback, I asked a couple of students to watch a short clip of Tate saying something controversial. Afterward,  I asked them how they felt on his about his ban on the majority of social media platforms, and what they thought of ‘The Top G’, and the results were mixed due to one outlier.

Most of the people I interviewed were glad that Tate was banned from a lot of social media and they didn’t agree with him. One student, in particular, named Moises Leon whom I interviewed, was quite vocal about his personal distaste for Tate. “He’s the latest generation of alpha male push-pedaling stuff to make lonely young men think they found the secret,” said Leon, “I’m not sad to see him go”.

Another student I interviewed who was glad to see the ‘The Top G’ banned from social media is the Chaparral’s own, Fernanda Medina. She believes he’s a “very misogynistic womanizer,” and laughs saying, “he’s not it and he’s an L man”.

Though 99% of students don’t agree with Tate and are glad he’s banned, there has to usually be one outlier, and one was found. Christopher Smith is the one person who doesn’t mind Tate. We discussed the general opposition in full, but cut it down for TikTok, but still, he brought up some points such as, “Some girls want a man who’s soft while [other] girls want men more masculine who control their [own] lives.”

Overall, the majority of students at COD disagree with Andrew Tate and are glad that he’s banned from social media.