Don’t romanticize Evan Peters for his role in Dahmer

Students share their opinion on the people who are romanticizing Evan Peters portrayal of Jeffery Dahmer

Due to the vast popularity of social media edits, chances are you’ve possibly stumbled upon someone thirsting over Evan Peters’s portrayal of the famous serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer.

In the new Netflix thriller series, “Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, Peters plays the notorious murderer and shows the motives and methods Dahmer used to kill his victims in Milwaukee, WI, and Ohio from 1978 to 1991.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mug shot from 1982. Courtesy of Getty Images

Since the show’s release, it has become the second most-viewed Netflix series on the platform and has garnered over 701 million hours viewed. This marks the first time in a while that a show has garnered this many viewers since the release of Stranger Things. With its success, getting blown up by early October, many fan edits of the serial killer started popping up on social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

As I walked around campus, determined to hear the feedback of students, I asked a couple of students how they felt about the romanticization of the serial killer, and the results were all negative.

All of the people I interviewed were appalled that editors are doing this. One student, in particular, named Israel Veldez whom I interviewed, brought up some great points, “America does have an unhealthy obsession with serial killers,” said Veldez, “It’s one of those things that’s gone too far.”

Another student I interviewed who was against the people doing this is the Chaparral’s own, Dean Trombino. He believes people who do these things are, “very dangerous,” and that they, “are putting these people who did some horrible things up on a pedestal.” Overall, the majority, if not all of the students, at COD strongly disapprove of the romanization of the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, and encourage whoever takes interest to seek help and stop.