Boozehounds in Palm Springs takes “pet-friendly” to another level


Courtesy of the Chapparal

The logo for Boozehounds pays homage to “Striker,” the late dog of the owners.

A new restaurant has opened up in downtown Palm Springs which offers patrons a way to enjoy food and a co-working space with their four-legged friends.

Boozehounds is a pet-friendly cafe and bar that caters to the large pet owner population in the Coachella Valley. Boozehounds aims to bring the local community together through events as well as environments that make patrons feel like the restaurant and co-working space is a second home.

Stephanie Kohler, a patron who has become a regular at the locations said,” I really love coming here because it gives me a space to work from that isn’t my home. Since the pandemic, I’ve been having to work from home and it’s been nice, but  I wanted to have a place that let me breathe some fresh air while enjoying all the cute dogs that come in.”

Boozehounds set themselves apart from a lot of the other restaurants in downtown Palm Springs by taking pet-friendly restaurants to a whole other level. Their tagline is the restaurant where “dogs bring their humans.”

Jimmy McGill, the owner said,” We saw that a lot of restaurants only had a patio space where you could eat with your dog. We wanted to make the patio space the place the dog eats and brings their human. We wanted our patrons to feel like their canine loved ones were being taken care of rather than just allowed into the restaurant.”

McGill tells the story of his and co-owner Steve Piacenza’s dog Striker. “Striker was like family and we wanted to pay homage to him and to the idea of this restaurant which is why the logo for this restaurant was mainly inspired by Striker,” said McGill. 

Boozehounds also gives back to the community by hosting events and fundraisers for local animal shelters such as the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. 

“I’m a part-time volunteer and many of us here at Boozehounds know what that means. I have personally seen the great work that the Palm Springs Animal Shelter has done and see how we are a very pet-friendly restaurant it only makes sense that we give back to the community by helping them out,” said McGill.

The restaurant itself takes influence from mid-century interior design environments for patrons to enjoy their food. Many of the plants used in the restaurants were locally sourced from the Coachella Valley and includes a mix of communal seating as well as smaller sections for individuals.

From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. the restaurant serves as a co-working space. Boozehounds has also partnered with a local coffee group called Vagabond coffee for their signature Boozehounds coffee blend that they serve during this time.

Local resident Claire Richardson comes almost every morning to enjoy the co-working space, “It’s nice to feel like I’m not held down to my room or my office during this time. It just feels really good to be able to be somewhere with a lot of light and a lot of people to meet” she said.

Boozehounds’ menu includes dishes like the miso Chilean fish and chips, a Chilean sea sass, that’s marinated in miso for 48 hours accompanied by sweet potato chips as well as the adobo chicken which is simmer chicken thighs steamed rice topped with a double broth and a side of spiced coconut vinegar. 

Boozehounds also has a happy hour Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m, allowing patrons to enjoy the cocktail menu with dog-inspired names such as the “Old Yeller” and “Aunt Donna’s Dirty Poodle.”

Boozehounds is currently not serving lunch or brunch but have plans to in the future. The restaurant is located at 2080 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, Calif..

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